IC Manage Extends ICM Global Design Platform to Include Workflow-based Multi-site Project Management Capabilities

LOS GATOS, Calif. – April 14, 2008 – IC Manage today announced version 2008.04 of their Global Design Platform. ICM GDP has been enhanced to include an ICM Project Manager (ICMPM) option. ICM PM provides designers with the ability to graphically configure, visualize,organize, and manage multi-site development projects across global engineering and IT enterprises or between multiple companies collaborating on worldwide design projects.

The ICM Project Manager provides the ability to graphically visualize, organize, and manage multi-site and/or multi-server hardware/software design projects across global engineering enterprises. It allows designers to logically organize project, design and library information by data type, such as RTL, foundry libraries, reusable IP, firmware, software, external IP, physical EDA specific data, and IC assembly.

Some of ICM PM’s key capabilities are:

  • Designers can quickly configure projects, define physical sites, address network topology,set user roles, access rights, define data types, and formalize process/release rules from design conception through test, build, integration, verification, tape-out, release, manufacturing, support, and EOL.
  • Built-in ‘Data Typing Rules’ which ensure that only matching library types can be imported into a Project, preventing time consuming and costly data-mismatches.
  • Variants of designs, component IP, or libraries are also easily and properly managed, for example, different process nodes
  • IP components can be efficiently categorized, located, repaired and reused across the engineering enterprise and/or securely between collaborating companies.
  • User workspaces are constructed according to their function, which eliminates the need to navigate deep, undefined directory hierarchies. Engineers work the way they think about design rather than where various files are located on the network or file system.
  • Shows the link from projects under design management through to library views in the EDA environment. Builds layers onto the libraries that provide integration with the EDA graphical editors for the designer managing lib, cell, and views.
  • Provides extension of the designer’s perspective in the form of proj, var, libtype, conf, and lib, which can be very useful to the project lead or IP manager.

ICM Project Manage facilitates the efficient and accurate reproduction of derivative design and library data across the enterprise by maintaining all the critical and historical bidirectional parent-child relationships for all files and configurations. Users and managers can roll back the design to reproducible design states, provide incrementally updated releases, and quickly mix and match development and various release states.

ICM Project Manager Availability and Pricing

ICM PM is available immediately for production use. It is offered as a free option to ICM GDP.

About IC Manage Global Design Platform

IC Manage Global Design Platform (ICM GDP) is a next generation design management system that efficiently manages, locates, and assembles components and delivers reuse across the enterprise. It is the first hardware/firmware/software data management solution to offer a multidiscipline, design assembly, derivative management, real-time worldwide design content
delivery, and now enterprise-wide and secure multi-company collaborative design project management environment.

About IC Manage

IC Manage, Inc. provides next generation design management solutions for IC design, enabling companies to efficiently and reliably manage single and multi-site design efforts. IC Manage’s Global Design Platform (GDP) – utilizing the Perforce engine – is the first solution to offer design assembly, derivative management and content delivery in addition to scalable, ultra
performance revision control, release and configuration management. IC Manage offers IT infrastructure integration for hot backup, high availability and disaster recovery for true 24×7 enterprise availability. IC Manage is headquartered at Suite 100, 15729 Los Gatos Blvd, Los Gatos, CA 95032. For more information, visit us at www.icmanage.com.