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Envision Big Data Analytics

Visual Analytics, Interactive Reports
Milestone Predictions
Customizable Dashboards

Envision Verification Analytics
Envision Design Progress Analytics

PeerCache EDA Tool I/O Accelerator

10x Speed up of  All EDA Tools
1/10th the Filer Disk Storage Usage
100% Software – Plug and Play


Multisite Design & IP Reuse

IC Manage Global Design Platform (GDP)
Fastest remote site performance
Maximum IP reuse,  global visibility   


Customers & Case Studies





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“IC Manage [Envision], the system we have, was within two percent of actual over the cost of an entire project, in terms of man hours.”

Simon Burke, Xilinx

“We have 100’s of users using IC Manage across multiple sites. Our end user check-out & checkin times are a fraction of a second. We’ve also taped out 100’s of chips with them!”

Ajay Chanda, NVIDIA

“IC Manage allowed us to reduce our server count from 50+ to a single server, eliminating synchronization issues.”

Dragomir Nikolic, Cypress