Beam HPC Workflows
to the Cloud

Dynamic Data Dependency Optimization


PeerCache is the #1 fastest path to running your existing on-premise workflows in the cloud

GDP Design & IP

Industry’s #1 multi-site system. Fast remote site performance, high IP reuse & global visibility.

Hybrid Version Control

Hybrid version control with Git API combines best of centralized & distributed approaches.

Envision Design
Progress Analytics

Actionable insights to accelerate your design schedule and efficiently utilize resources.

Envision Verification

Uses big data methods to deliver real-time analytics for multi-vendor verification environments.

Customers & Case Studies




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Simon discusses how Xilinx used IC Manage Envision design progress analytics with big data to identify which  IP design blocks were using extra resources, whether it be licenses or people for accurate planning. Was able to predict tapeout within 2 weeks, and resources within 2 percent.

Simon Burke, Xilinx — Full Transcript

Dragomir speaks on multi-site design & IP management with IC Manage. Discusses a multi-site design ‘survival kit’, and tips improving IP reuse. Results included 30x data center server reduction, faster performance, better IP reuse and higher design team satisfaction.

Dragomir Nikolic, Cypress — Full Transcript

Calvin speaks on multi-site design using IC Manage. Covers legacy system migration process tips and results, including improvement in global file visibility, and accelerate remote site performance to be the e same performance as the main sites.

Calvin Leung, Juniper Networks — Full Transcript