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Holodeck™ HPC Scale Out I/O

Peer to Peer, Extreme File Performance

  • 10x Sequential, 30x Random, μs Latency
  • Shared Accelerated Storage
  • 100% Software

Holodeck™ for Hybrid Cloud

Automatically Run Your Existing Workflows in Cloud

  • Fastest Up — Byte level Data Extraction
  • Lowest Cost Down — File Delta Write Backs
  • HPC Scale Out with Standard Cloud Instances

Global Design Platform XL & XL-git

Highest Performance & Reliability Multi-site

  • Design Collaboration & IP Reuse
  • Bug Traceability across ALL Copies
  • Hybrid version control with Git API
  • 10x speed up, programmable schemas by project
  • Hierarchical IP lifecycle management

Envision Design Progress Analytics

Big Data Visual Analytics

  • Project Schedule Risk Analysis
  • Tool & Team Resource Optimization
  • Customizable Dashboards
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