About IC Manage

IC Manage provides Design & IP Management, Big Data Analytics, and HPC Scale Out I/O & Hybrid Cloud software.

GDP Design & IP Management — IC Manage GDP enables companies to efficiently and reliably manage single and multi-site hardware and software development efforts. We bring Git into the semiconductor realm with GDP XL-git hybrid version control.

Envision Big Data Analytics — Envision Design Progress analytics lets you capture resource utilization on a project or directory/library basis for efficient schedule & resource management. Envision Verification Analytics uses big data methods to deliver real-time analytics for multi-vendor verification environments.

Holodeck HPC Scale Out I/O — Uses a peer-to-peer shared file fabric to deliver extreme file performance, with I/O speedup of 10x sequential, 30x random, and microsecond latency data transfers.

Holodeck for Hybrid Cloud — our Holodeck HPC Scale Out I/O software product also delivers fast hybrid cloud bursting, automatically & dynamically determining the exact workflow data needed by a job.

Company Background

IC Manage was founded in 2003 by Shiv Sikand and Dean Drako. Shiv Sikand is the foremost expert in design management for large scale IC design and has been pursuing this area with a passion for approximately two decades. Dean Drako was the founder and creator of Design Acceleration’s Signalscan product, which he sold to Cadence Design Systems, and founder and CEO Barracuda Networks, which went public in 2013.

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