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Big Data Design Analytics – Opening Remarks

Dean Drako, IC Manage (DAC 2015 edited transcript) Thank you for coming today. We're going to talk today about the next wave, Big Data Predictive Analytics. I'm going to talk about three problems where I think big data can play a significant role in helping us tape-out and [...]

Big Data: Design Progress Analytics & IP Theft Protection

Shiv Sikand, IC Manage (DAC 2015 edited transcript) There’s a lot of talk about analytics and big data. There is a fundamental difference - analytics and analytical thinking requires a cultural shift in the way you track and plan your activities. Those changing thought processes are based on [...]

Case Study PDF clone

Simon Burke, Xilinx (DAC Panel 2015 edited transcript) Get a PDF version of this transcript with slides I’m going to talk a little bit about Xilinx and Big Data, mostly on tape out prediction scheduling. I don’t [...]

TiVo – A High Performance, High Reliability Perforce Server

Shiv Sikand: IC Manage, Marc Lewert: IC Manage, Angela Thomas, TiVo (Perforce User Conference) Get a PDF version of this transcript Abstract TiVo has been able to improve both the performance and reliability of their Perforce installation using [...]

NVIDIA – The Perforce / IC Manage Environment at NVIDIA

Doug Quist: NVIDIA, Shiv Sikand: IC Manage, Henry Grishashvili: IC Manage Get a PDF version of this transcript Summary NVIDIA uses the Perforce SCM tools as their primary data management solution. The flexibility and open architecture of this system allows customization for [...]

IP Reuse Best Practices for SoC, IC & FPGA Design

Alex Tumanov, PhD., IC Manage OVERVIEW The ability to create differentiated products for SoC, IC, and FPGA designs within narrow market windows depends heavily on how effectively design IP is reused in the design process. This white paper covers best practices for maximizing the efficient reuse of [...]

Advanced OpenSource Design Management for 4.4

Shiv Sikand, Silicon Graphics, Inc. (International Cadence User Group Conference, September 10-13, 2000, San Jose, California) Abstract This paper describes an ultra high performance OpenSource Software Configuration Management (SCM) system for Cadence DFII 4.4 based on the Perforce Fast SCM System. Introduction SCM techniques are well defined for software development efforts. [...]

Highly Scalable, High Performance Perforce Server Environments

Shiv Sikand and Robert March (Perforce User Conference, May 2003) Introduction The performance and scalability of large Perforce installations is heavily dependent on the file system provided by the operating system. We will investigate the design and implementation of select file systems and perform some simple benchmarks [...]