GDP and GDP XL System Monitoring & Reliability

Huy Le
November 10, 2022

We often get questions about how to keep close track of customers’ server health to make sure that there’s always enough capacity and to keep our eyes open for trends that can impact performance and uptime.

This year we started using a popular monitoring system called Prometheus that captures IC Manage server metrics and visualizes the metrics on Grafana dashboards. Many in the IT community are familiar with those tools and we’ve installed those at many key customers so that they can get a real time view and alerts based on the activity of their IC Manage and Perforce server components.

Some of the key metrics we can record are:

System stats

Memory, Disk IO, CPU Activity, Load Avg, Swap, Disk Space Available, Network Traffic Perforce Process Count, Commands Processed per Minute, Top Commands, Errors, Read Locks, Write Locks, Lock Waits, Command Duration

Mysql (GDP)

Connections, Client Threads, Queries, Slow Queries, Table Locks, Network Traffic, Network Usage, Memory Usage, Top Command by hour,  Cache Memory Usage, File Opens

Web server (GDP XL)_

Connections per 1 min, Connection per 5 min , Active Connection Count, Server Status

Arango Repository DB (GDP XL)

Virtual Memory, Thread Count, Request Count, Client Connections, DB Cache Rate, DB File Size

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