IC Manage GDP XL Latest Update

Shiv Sikand
May 22, 2022

I’d like to kick off our IC Manage blog with a few updates on GDP-XL.

We’ve seen very strong demand from new customers and existing GDP users for the newest features we have been releasing over the past year.

GDP-XL at its core has moved away from fixed rules and low level commands to user-definable hierarchies and properties that drive a much higher level of automation for creating projects, IPs, releases, derivatives.

Based on that unique architectures, we’ve been able to rapidly add new features to meet customer requirements.

Here are some examples:

  • Still the industry’s best in class Cadence Virtuoso integration with many new custom functions
  • Highly Configurable IP Catalog that allows custom branding, user definable search pages and configurable datasheets that can be customized for every category of IP, or even every IP
  • Tracking of parent/child relationships makes it easy to fine the full genealogy of any design library to assess change impact
  • Automated role based security with delegated controls
  • Library staging flow gives analog designers access to advanced branching techniques, but in an easy to use GUI in their native design environment
  • Shared library directories provide a means to map unmanaged data into GDPXL or reduce disk consumption for common libraries across multiple workspaces
  • Workspace overlays allow quick updates of user workspaces to switch between libraries or releases without having to create a new workspace – just swap and go
  • Integration with continuous integration and task branching flow automates verification of code updates and fast checking
  • Native GIT or Git via Perforce Graph Repos
  • Jira integration to better track which libraries, releases or configurations are expose to open bugs and easy way to see interrelated release, derivatives
  • Perforce Swarm for code review, browsing and even text file editing

We will be showing all these features and more at the upcoming Design Automation Conference in July, but if you would like more information on any of these topics or a demo, please visit: