GDP XL saves time and money with long term reliability and stability

Shawn Ruby
2022-09-14 00:00:00

Our guest blogger today is Shawn Ruby, co-CEO of Ruby Cherry EDA  in Israel

IC Manage offered me the opportunity to write a bit about Ruby Cherry EDA’s experience working with IC Manage and share some thoughts on our work helping small to medium semiconductor companies ramping up their design methodology, including Data Management.

Ruby Cherry EDA CAD engineers have been providing analog, digital, RF and mixed signal CAD services for more than 25 years, and we recently expanded our services to include integrated CAD/Cloud solutions for cloud-based design environments. Our customers have come to expect and rely on our state-of-the-art design methodology flows which seamlessly integrate EDA tools from multiple vendors.   

IC Manage is a fast and easy-to-use out-of the-box solution for reliable version control and data management.   Ruby Cherry EDA has been an IC Manage partner for five years, and it is our recommended design management solution. Among the things that I value most about IC Manage its well-tested recipe for hardware, storage, OS configurations and GDP-XL software engineered to achieve very high levels of performance and reliability. Another advantage of IC Manage is their excellent support. Their team is readily available to get involved to resolve issues as they crop up.

When it comes to DM, robustness and reliability are the key elements of an effective solution. Some Ruby Cherry EDA customers have chosen other DM solutions, often lured by bells and whistles that look great in demos and data sheets. Too often we have seen our customers using other solutions experience data loss and corruption during critical design stages. Bells and whistles are not useful when data loss brings design to a halt when a tapeout is approaching! While our CAD engineers stand ready to solve critical data issues, we would rather see our customers enjoy a smooth, hassle-free design experience. For this reason, our first recommendation is IC Manage’s Global Design Platform. 

To be clear, IC Manage has plenty of features to enhance user experience, and they do not come at the expense of their bedrock reliability! It is clear to see how IC Manage features are engineered to provide an outstanding user experience. One of my favorites is the GDP-XL custom Library Manager for Virtuoso. 

As a replacement for the native Library Manager in Virtuoso’s default browser, the GDP-XL custom Library Manager offers integrated features that other DM solutions lack, such as easy category management and great visualizations for checkouts. Its thoughtful design makes it easy for veteran Virtuoso users to learn quickly. 

I will share a vignette about a recent customer experience with IC Manage:  Elipse Engineering is one of our long-time customers. Ruby Cherry EDA recently migrated their on-prem design environment, which was configured with a legacy DM system, to the AWS cloud. During the migration we brought their legacy design, with about ten years of design data from twenty projects and tens of thousands of cells, into the IC Manage GDP-XL system. Here is what their design manager had to say:

“Ruby Cherry EDA helped us move our design environment into the cloud, and at the same time took all of our legacy design data from our previous design management tool into ICManage’s GDP XL. The new environment allows us to manage the project relationships better than ever and the performance of workspace population is significantly faster.”—Tal Shifris, Design Manager at Elipse Engineering Ltd 

Ruby Cherry EDA prides itself on the outstanding service and support we provide to our customers. IC Manage is an important piece of our ability to bring robust, efficient, and reliable design environments to our customers. We have seen that IC Manage solutions work – year in and year out. Our customers and CAD engineers do not have to think about data management issues once systems are setup. IC Manage gives our customers – and us – peace of mind. 

About Ruby Cherry EDA:

Ruby Cherry EDA offers clients a full spectrum of CAD services and end-to-end integrated Cloud, CAD and IT services for cloud-native and hybrid EDA environments. The company supports analog, digital, RF and mixed signal VLSI for chip design groups around the world. Ruby Cherry EDA offers specialized support for microelectronics research and education in institutions of higher learning. The company was established in 2018 by the merger of Optimum EDA and Ruby EDA. Ruby Cherry EDA CAD Engineers have been supporting microchip design for twenty-five years. Learn more at