IC Manage Announces IP Central to Maximize IP Reuse

Open platform to rapidly publish and integrate internal & third party IP

LOS GATOS, Calif., June 2, 2011 – IC Manage, Inc. today announced that the IC Manage Global Design Platform (GDP) has been extended to include IP Central, an open platformfor maximizing IP reuse. Design and verification teams can use IP Central to rapidly publish and integrate IP into existing flows, and to trace bug dependencies. Internal and third party IP can be imported or linked with IP Central from multiple commercial and open source design management systems, as well as internal revision control systems.

“Two limiting factors to maximizing IP reuse have been the time required to integrate the IP into the design flow and the time needed to verify that the IP will work in the design,”said Dean Drako, IC Manage’s President and CEO. “With IC Manage’s IP Central, design and verification teams can more rapidly and efficiently leverage internal and external IP, minimizing both engineering resources and the risk of project delays.”

IC Manage’s IP Central Key Features

IP Central is an open and scalable platform to rapidly publish and reuse internal and third party IP in SoC, IC and FGPA designs across the enterprise.

  1. Create & Publish IP via a check-list driven flow with encapsulated IP and property data, such as design data, bugs, assertions, constraints, electrical and simulation parameters, and documentation. An IP can be marked as completed or verified,
    based on a set of rules or metrics. Quality or verification metrics can be imported or linked from third party tools.
  2. Import or Link IP data from multiple commercial and open source design management systems and internal databases and file systems to create a central view of IP assets.
  3. Integrate IP data by automatically mapping directory based data into structured format.
  4. Search and Select IP by fully configurable, dynamic specifications. For example, find objects that are of type PLL, 0.13 micron, 2100 MHz, Verilog, GDSII, LEF, DRC and LVS clean. IP Central can also link to external IP catalogs.
  5. Manage IP Bugs by identifying the bugs, tracing bug dependencies and propagating fixes.
  6. Track IP via incremental capabilities, as compared to static tar ball or stagnant bill of materials models. IP Central’s visual analytics allow for easier tracking of IP usage and interdependencies.

IC Manage IP Central Benefits

GDP-IP central has the following benefits:

  • IP Producers can easily publish IP via a checklist-driven flow with the IP properties encapsulated. Producers can identify what chip the IP they support is being used in, which designers are using it, and the IP version they are using.
  • Managers can set permissions for IP usage in a secure manner, track exactly where the IP is being used, and control usage of selected IP.
  • IP Consumers can search for IP according to complex specifications, view all IP properties, understand the status, and manage bugs. By automating the tedious and time-consuming process of publishing and managing a company’s IP and all its associated properties, IC Manage’s GDP-IP Central allows design and verification teams to finally reap the benefits of IP reuse a timely and resource efficient manner.


GDP-IP Central is available on Linux™, Solaris™, Mac™, and Windows™. More information can be found at https://www.icmanage.com/global-design-platform-gdp/ip-reuse/

About IC Manage

IC Manage, Inc. provides high performance design management solutions for companies to efficiently collaborate on single and multi-site designs and obtain maximum IP reuse. The IC Manage Global Design Platform (GDP) lets designers securely track and distribute design, configuration, dependency, and IP property data on multiple projects across the globe. IC Manage GDP includes IP Central, an open platform for integrating, publishing, and tracking IP. IC Manage is headquartered at Suite 100, 15729 Los Gatos Blvd., Los Gatos, CA. For more information visit us at www.icmanage.com.