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Dean Drako
President & CEO

Dean founded IC Manage in 2003, a company that he has helped expand to become the IC/SoC design and IP management technology leader. Dean was also founder, President and CEO of Barracuda Networks from 2003 to 2012, where he built and expanded Barracuda from a spam and virus firewall provider to a broad line enterprise technology company with more than 150,000 customers. Dean currently serves on the Barracuda’s Board of Directors.

Dean was also the founder of Boldfish, a leading provider of enterprise messaging solutions that was acquired by Siebel Systems in 2003. Dean was also founder, President and CEO of Design Acceleration, Inc (DAI), a maker of superior design analysis and verification tools. Cadence Design Systems acquired DAI in 1998. Dean was also VP of Product Engineering at the 3DO Company and was instrumental in the development of the PowerPC architecture at Apple Computer. Dean received his BSEE from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and MSEE from the University of California, Berkeley.

Shiv Sikand
Vice President

Shiv Sikand is founder and Vice President of Engineering at IC Manage, and has been instrumental in achieving its technology leadership in design and IP management for the past 11 years. Shiv has collaborated with semiconductor leaders such as Cypress, Broadcom, Maxim, NVIDIA, AMD, Altera, and Xilinx in deploying IC Manage’s infrastructure to enable enterprise-wide design methodologies for current and next generation process nodes.

Shiv has deep expertise in design and IP management, with a long history of developing innovative solutions in this field. He started in the mid 1990’s during the MIPS processor era at SGI, authoring the MIPS Circuit Checker before specializing on design management tools for a number of advanced startups, including Velio Communications and Matrix Semiconductor, before founding IC Manage in 2003. Shiv received his BSc and MSc degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Manchester. He did his postgraduate research in Computer Science also at Manchester University.

Craig Shirley
Vice President of Worldwide Sales

Craig Shirley is vice president of worldwide sales for IC Manage. Prior to joining IC Manage, Craig was vice president of worldwide sales for NextOp Software (acquired by Atrenta). Previously, Craig served as Apache Design Solutions’ vice president of worldwide sales (acquired by ANSYS), achieving a compound annual revenue growth rate of over 25%.

Prior to Apache, Craig was vice president of worldwide sales and support at Jasper-DA. Mr. Shirley also served as vice president of North American sales at Verisity Ltd., where he developed and scaled the worldwide sales process to drive the startup to become a $70 million company and the best performing IPO of 2001. Mr. Shirley graduated with honors from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree.

Roger March
Chief Technology Officer

Roger is Chief   Technology   Officer   for   IC Manage, Inc., where he architected their current design data management   solution   and   continues   to   improve   its performance and scalability for global multi-site design. Previously, Roger worked at Matrix Semiconductor, where he designed and helped build most of their CAD infrastructure. He worked mainly on the physical and process side and also on optimizing layout for manufacturability.

Roger was also principal engineer in the microprocessor division at Silicon Graphic, working on logic verification and timing closure, and on design databases, where he wrote several tools to help analyze and manipulate physical, logical and parasitic extraction data sets. He also worked at MIPS as their first CAD engineer, building their infrastructure using a combination of vendor and internal tools. Roger also worked at Data General and Zilog, working on  circuit, logic and fault simulators that were used to build and verify microprocessors.

Gary Gendel
Chief Software Architect

Gary is the Chief Software Architect at IC Manage. Prior to joining IC Manage, Gary was the CTO of Genashor where he did development work for a number of EDA and other companies including: Mentor Graphics, Zycad, Protocol, Valid, Apple, IBM, Harris Semiconductor, Sarnoff Corporation, Star Semiconductor, HAL Computer Systems, SGI, AT&T, Nordic VLSI, and Christiania Bank as well as supporting Amulet project at the University of Manchester. Prior to Genashor, Gary was a Senior Member of the Technical Staff at RCA Solid State Technology Center, GE Semiconductor and Harris Semiconductor.

Gary has been granted three patents, and has received awards for: Sarnoff Outstanding Technical Achievement team and individual,  RCA SSD Technical Excellence, and the RCA David Sarnoff Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement. He has received two Emmy awards from the National Academy of Television Sciences for his development work in Digital television. Gary received his BSEE and MS (Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Biomedical Technology) from New Jersey Institute of Technology.