IC Manage to Deliver Next Generation IC Design Data Management System

New Relational Database Approach Delivers Reuse, Performance, and Capacity Benefits

Los Gatos, CA, May 24, 2004 — IC Manage, Inc., today announced its official company launch, offering its next generation IC design management system to significantly improve designer productivity and eliminate the problems associated with tracking and configuring designs. Unlike conventional file oriented solutions, IC Manage’s database approach delivers the performance, capacity and reliability necessary to handle today’s designs. The IC Manage solution can easily manage, track, and configure an entire enterprise’s design data, resulting in higher design team productivity.

IC Manage’s system delivers comprehensive configuration management that allows engineers to intuitively manage the complex environments needed when designing at multiple levels of abstraction and when re-using components. The IC Manage solution eliminates the widespread problems caused by copying the design or components in order to manage changes during the development process.

IC Manage is the commercial evolution of cdsp4, a successful Open Source integration developed in 1998 between the Perforce Fast Software Configuration Management (SCM) System and the Cadence Design Framework II tools. Shiv Sikand, Vice President of Engineering at IC Manage, originally developed cdsp4 to streamline the MIPS processor and Advanced Graphics development at Silicon Graphics Inc. Cdsp4 is in use at many companies, including NVIDIA and ATI Technologies, and has been an integral part of the flow for a large number of successful designs.

“The success of cdsp4 convinced us that there is a need for a high performance commercial solution,” said Dean Drako, President and CEO of IC Manage. “Instead of using older RCS-derived tools, we are developing a solution building on the capabilities of Perforce to deliver performance, capacity, and reliability far superior to existing solutions.”

IC Manage, via an exclusive arrangement with Perforce Software, Inc, incorporates the industry leading Perforce Fast SCM System in its solution. The Perforce System provides IC Manage an efficient and powerful database which has proven extremely reliable and robust both in large deployments and over long periods of time.

“We have been collaborating with Mr. Sikand since 1998, adding specific features to better support his efforts in IC design,” said Christopher Seiwald, President and CTO of Perforce Software and IC Manage board member. “While the development model for hardware might seem very different than software, asset management is an integral part of both models and Perforce is ideally suited to bring greater accuracy, control and productivity to the hardware design environment.”

IC Manage is currently undergoing beta testing at a major semiconductor company and general availability is scheduled for early summer.

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IC Manage is demonstrating its beta product in booth 738 at this year’s Design Automation Conference in San Diego, June 7 – 11, 2004.

About Perforce Software

Perforce Software Inc. develops, markets, and supports Perforce, the Fast Software Configuration Management System. Headquartered in Alameda, Calif., Perforce Software sells worldwide and has international operations in Europe, Japan and Israel. In addition to application software companies, Perforce customers represent a broad range of industries including the game development, electronics, pharmaceutical and financial services markets. For additional information, contact Perforce Software via email at info@perforce.com or phone at (510) 864.7400, or on the Web at www.perforce.com.

About IC Manage

IC Manage develops and delivers a next generation enterprise IC design management system that significantly improves designer efficiency, provides widespread design reuse, and has the reliability and performance needed for large designs. IC Manage includes the industry leading Perforce SCM system. IC Manage is located at 101 Church Street, Suite 17, Los Gatos, CA 95030, Tel: (408) 399-5401, Fax: (408) 399-5403, www.icmanage.com.