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IC Manage Views™ Storage Acceleration Software

Dramatically speed data access, Reduce storage needs

IC Manage Views storage acceleration software is a version aware, virtual file system that presents complete workspaces views, while only transferring data on demand to a local file cache. IC Manage Views removes network transfer bottlenecks to accelerate Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tool performance, achieve Zero-Time Sync™ (ZTS) for workspaces, and reduce storage utilization. IC Manage Views is 100% compatible with all storage technologies and works at both local and remote sites.

Achieve Zero-Time Sync.

A one gigabyte, 10,000 file workspace takes approximately one second to populate, allowing tools to run immediately.

Accelerate EDA tool performance.

It utilizes local storage for reads, so design engineers get local speeds and avoid delays caused by network latency.  Utilizing network storage for writes provides consistent data storage and access.

Drastically reduce total storage.

IC Manage Views dramatically reduces storage requirements by automatically rotating least recently used files to stay within workspace cache quotas, and handles cache recovery in the event of failures or errors.

Removes Storage Bottlenecks

IC Manage Views unloads work from a central NAS filer, thereby removing the network bottleneck and accelerating its clients compute jobs. Designers and verification engineers are presented with a fully populated view of their files. When the engineer initiates a read operation, IC Manage Views will obtain the file from the local cache; if the file is not there, IC Manage Views fetches it from the GDP repository. When a designer saves data, IC Manage Views will write it to local or network storage.  The time and storage savings are dramatic.

Eliminates Drawbacks Associated with Symlinks

IC Manage Views has none of the limitations associated with symbolic links as found in the Global Design Management survey. With IC Manage Views, designers maintain workspace file control and stability, along with fine-grained security configurations independent of file system permissions. IC Manage Views has no high performance storage infrastructure requirement and no manual management of network cache storage and number of versions.

Provides Flexibility and Scalability

IC Manage Views gives design groups the flexibility to build workspaces anywhere and at any location, all at local speed, and avoid problems with disk space allocation. IC Manage Views is scalable, so the savings increase with the number of users and the size of the databases.