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IC Manage Global Design Platform

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GDP Design & IP Management

The IC Manage Global Design Platform (GDP) delivers a high-performance design and IP management system for semiconductor and systems company development teams to efficiently collaborate on single and multi-site designs. GDP spans both digital and custom design. It enables efficient design data exchange between project managers, IP owners, chip designers, and verification teams.

Design teams spend a quarter of their time managing design and IP logistics. GDP improves designer efficiency and team collaboration by letting them dynamically track, control and distribute library, bug, IP, and IC/SOC/FPGA design data, including configurations and properties. All data authorized for sharing is rapidly accessible worldwide and secured by IC Manage Armor™ protection. GDP has IT infrastructure integration for global scalability, storage management, high availability, disaster recovery, and back-up integration.

In addition, to IC Manage GDP, we also have IC Manage  GDP XL-Git, with hybrid version control and a Git API.

High Performance:
Local & Remote Sites

Design &
IP Reuse


Manage Bug

Multi-site Collaboration

IC Manage GDP allows tracking and viewing of what design modules different designers have checked out. It offers easy branching and merging capability, including the full project history of files or data types. Design teams find prior working versions, then restore the design to a prior working version. GDP offers a unique near real-time content delivery mechanism as part of its multi-site design collaboration support. It manages the bi-directional change management between ‘parent and child’, and can automatically detect and propagate the appropriate content for any workspace in a highly reliable and maintenance-free manner.

IP Reuse and Logistics Management

Making an organization’s intellectual property available for reuse by all its design teams is critical for competitiveness. IC Manage’s IP Central lets development teams rapidly publish and integrate their IP into existing flows, and trace bugs and dependencies. IP Central allows close collaboration between project managers, IP owners, chip designers, and verification teams.  More on IP Reuse>>

Managing Bug Dependencies

GDP is tightly linked with bug tracking systems, such as JIRA or Bugzilla. This integration ensures that all bugs and bug fixes associate with each design element or IP block are automatically recorded in both the bug tracking system, and in GDP. Chip designers can use GDP to manage bugs and their interdependencies in a bi-directional manner. The IP changes associated with the bug fixes can be viewed in the bug tracking system, and the bug history can be viewed in the IP central repository. This allows design teams to identify bugs, trace bug dependencies and propagated fixes with across all versions and designs throughout the enterprise. Chip designers can be automatically notified of new bugs that are


GDP is a unified system for hardware and software design. It manages revisions of all data types, including binary data, RTL, software, and EDA databases. IC Manage’s hardware design solution is built on Perforce, a leading industry standard SCM, so hardware and software developers can follow a unified development model for all data types. Design teams can push or pull common data, to any site with no delay. Actions can be executed via a GUI or a command line interface.

Cadence Virtuoso Integration

IC Manage’s built-in design data management reduces designer overhead, and maximizes productivity. GDP’s advanced Design Data Management capabilities within Cadence Virtuoso’s familiar user interface offers:

  • IP integration and reuse
  • Version control
  • Configuration and derivative management
  • Design data hand-offs
  • Integrated bug traceability

Custom IC Designers have transparent access to:

  • Complete version and icon-based state notification
  • Fully hierarchical library and cell views
  • Property file auto-check-in/check-out and revision history


IC Manage GDP has the highest capacity and scalability in the industry – enough to solve your entire IC design data challenges. GDP can handle multiple terabyte data sets, hundreds of millions of files, and unlimited revisions needed for today’s complex designs, without performance degradation.


Streaming data operations complete in seconds not hours. The message queuing TCP architecture has high performance over networks, particularly over long latency setups like the Internet. GDP minimizes bandwidth usage by ensuring only one copy of each version is sent over the WAN. See also GDP Smart Edge >>

Proven Reliability

IC Manage GDP implements advanced database reliability features that are commonly found in enterprise databases. IC Manage GDP has proven reliability without data corruption. It is ACID compliant, guaranteeing the database transactions are processed reliably.