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IC Manage Envision Verification Analytics

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Actionable Verification Progress Insights –In Seconds

IC Manage Envision Verification Analytics provides:

• Anytime, anywhere, data-driven insights allow engineers and management to rapidly identify and address problem areas to meet tight schedules spanning simulation, formal and emulation tools.

• Utilizes big data technology to deliver near real-time verification analytics across the verification tool spectrum, for any mix of EDA vendors

•  With 10-100X the speed of traditional methods you can instantly understand your verification progress, at local and global levels.

• Visual analytics and interactive reporting for regressions, bugs and coverage

• Verification results linked to relevant design activity to help identify and resolve bottlenecks

10 to 100x Faster, Secure Access to ALL Verification Progress from Anywhere

Anywhere, anytime access. Authorized team members  view verification results through a secure, web-based interface.

Fast NoSQL data access. 100x faster than file analysis and at least 10x faster than traditional SQL backends. The access speed is extremely critical with verification data growing exponentially. For example, some teams are seeing simulations alone doubling this past year.

Supports mixed vendor environments. Access relevant log data from multiple EDA vendor verification tools, without the need to maintain custom interfaces

Spans verification tools. Collect data from all verification tools, such as simulation, formal verification and emulation

Visual Verification Analytics

Design Block Coverage Metrics

Envision-VA uses big data techniques to structure the data and enables real time analytics, reporting, and queries across massive peak data volumes

Regression analytics. Team can set regression pass/fail milestones and track progress over time

Bug tracking analytics. An engineer can automatically create a ticket for further debug when a test fails, or update the bug status to pass, fail, or needs investigation.

Coverage Progress analytics. Identify coverage results against pre-set targets and plans. The targets can be set across any number of axes, such as line, branch, FSM, code, and functional. By analyzing data across the spectrum of results, milestone dates can be accurately predicted.

“Infinitely” Customizable, Interactive Reporting

Envision Verification Analytics can be completely customized via RESTful API to provide specific dashboards to track goals, add new tool data and track convergence to project targets.

You can targets set across any number of axes, e.g. line, branch, fsm, code, functional…

Envision VA’s visual analytics provide summary rollup reports of verification progress versus plans, teams and sub-systems — along with detailed reporting at more granular levels — enabling management to focus on project progress and optimize resource allocation.

Verification Bottlenecks Linked to Design Changes & Activity

RTL designers can resolve verification bottlenecks even faster with direct links from the Envision verification analytics to their design and IP changes and activity.

For example, a regression set that changes from pass to fail can be linked to source file or test bench changes, for root cause analysis. You can see:

  • who made a recent change
  • when they made the change
  • what the change was

This functionality is enabled by IC Manage’s unique underlying technology, which interconnects unstructured verification results data and structured design data into a hybrid database.