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Envision Design Progress Analytics

For efficient schedule & resource management Envision lets you capture – in real time – resource utilization on a project or directory/library basis. You can capture the engineering effort for a design module, where “effort” is the time delta between designer check out and check in. This means you can access activity down to the file level.

SoC/Chip Real-Time IP Progress

Integration and Assembly leads can view real-time detailed progress reports for each IP across any number of specified tools. You can define automatic threshold levels for each tool to determine how you quantify the progress, then easily modify your threshold levels at any point in time. For DRC and LVS, you might specify an error count.

View snapshots of the evolving progression in real-time, while minimizing the burden of asking team members and management to spend scarce project and design time compiling status reports. The more frequent reporting and deeper insights allow you to uncover and address delays before they evolve into more serious matters.

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Tool Drilldown for Resource Optimization

Envision continuously mines the millions of file changes that occur during a complex SoC project and effectively utilizes the design tool log files that are typically discarded today. For example, the number of bugs found during a project will vary over time. As the RTL stabilizes, you should see a downward trend in the bug count indicating that the project is on track for completion.

By using Big Data analytics to filter and track the bug count across various IPs and projects, Envision can automatically flag and identify delays in the downward trajectory, and extrapolate to determine the expected project delay.

This tool drilldown can then be tied back to a particular IP team or user group, so you can make improved decisions on where to focus additional engineering, compute or license resources rather than applying them blindly across the project.

Tapeout Prediction

Project leads that have completed at least one project with IC Manage GDP, can begin to take advantage of tapeout prediction analytics. As your first teams fully complete particular tasks (e.g. DRC) for your current design, you can uncover the relative resources (person-hours) required and compare it with your prior design. These metrics can be categorized by design task, type or complexity so that realistic correlation can be achieved for active projects.

Depending on the rate of resource usage vs expectations, you can make resource adjustments such to fully compensate for delays and bring your project back on schedule.  The granularity and precision of Envision’s insights allows you to set data-driven priorities for your  resource decisions.

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Envision Visual Analytics & Interactive Reports

Activity Trends across All SoC projects, IP Blocks & Design Data Types

Individual Project Activity Trends over Multiple Releases & Tapeouts

Tapeout Activity for Top-level Project, Subsystems, IP blocks & Design Data Types

Single Subsystem with Individual IP Blocks

Single IP or Library Details