Ajay Chandna (Nvidia)

“We have 100’s of users using IC Manage across multiple sites. Our end user check-out and check-in times are a fraction of a second. We have also taped out 100’s of chips with them!”

Dragomir Nikolic (Cypress)

“IC Manage allowed us to reduce our server count from 50+ to a single server, eliminating synchronization issues.”

Oliver Ling (ZeroG Wireless)

“I’ve NEVER had a unrecoverable database collapse with IC Manage.”

 Christophe Gaillard (Dolphin Integration)

“As a multi-sites ASIC design house in Europe, we have developed state of the art expertise to meet our customers’ challenges and we have selected ICManage for our ASIC developments, which involve IP management and version control for better productivity and Return on Investment. The solution is highly appreciated since it is very stable, super reliable, and fully optimized for Cadence Virtuoso integration flow. On top, ICManage provided us an excellent technical support and commercial interface, which enabled fastest setup and integration for a full operational readiness with the objective to optimize transition process with full robustness and shortest delay.”

Babak Bastani

Babak Bastani (CSR / Samsung)

“If you have good version control, database management, and sharing tools, such as IC Manage, you can have people working around the clock on a design.”

Henrik Ahrendt (GN Resound)

“The analog interface drove our use of GDP. It was so beneficial to have one data container that we expanded use to our digital flow.”

Yaron Kretchmer (Altera)

“IC Manage GDP and IP Central have robust functionalities, so the ramp-up has been quick, and we are achieving significant productivity gains”

Steven Klass (SMSC)

“IC Manage has a scalable product which can handle growing data set sizes… several thousand files, several gigabytes in size.”


Sam Heidari (Quantenna)

“IC Manage is the best DM choice for entrepreneurial companies – high ROI and low risk.”