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IP Security

IC Manage IP Security deploys five critical technologies to protect your IP.

Built-in Data Anonymization for Employee Privacy

Various governmental regulations require separation of analytics data from individual users, so that the data-user link is only allowed if certain protocols are complied with. IC Manage can anonymize your data to prevent data abuse and maintain compliance with local laws and regulations regarding tracking employees.

Collects all your relevant data

Traditional Approach: Some large companies are generating over one billion data access events a day – and most of that activity is typically not tracked. You cannot spot suspicious activity if you don’t even know what’s happening.

IP Security: Collects and logs exactly who accesses what data, because it works with IC Manage GDP design and IP management system, where all design data is accessed over the TCP connection. Additionally, user activity is directly tied to the design data and changes, with timestamps.

Stores your data securely

Traditional Approach: After your data is synced from a repository, the source and derived data is at risk for being read/stolen/copied to other directories and copied/hidden. The information is usually tracked through end point monitor program running on every machine that tries to log activity. Unfortunately, the endpoint monitors become attack points running on every node.

IP Security: Uses IC Manage PeerCache, so that all file data is automatically logged at the server. No end point software monitoring is required, and thus the vulnerability does not exist.

Assigns Granular Data Access Permissions

Traditional Approach: The security plane is embedded in metadata. So either complex file access attributes must be maintained, or users are given access to a broad set of data. For example, an IP owner has access to the broader design, and a designer has access to all the IP data, beyond the RTL he is working with.

IP Security: Works with IC Manage PeerCache to capture your natural clusters and adapts over time, allowing you to assign granular permissions by cluster, so that design team members only see & modify their own authorized subspace. For example, an IP owner only sees his IP, not the rest of design. A designer only sees his design module, and the RTL for the various IP he is
incorporating in it.

Applies Threat Prevention Big Data Analytics

Traditional Approach: There is so much activity going on, with many companies having thousands of users on 10’s of thousands of jobs, generating billions of records daily, that you cannot identify the threat to your IP until after the damage has occurred. You find out after the fact.

IP Security: You set rules to identify early signs of aberrations and security flags in real-time. IC Manage uses Big Data Analytics to mine and filter through billions of records to flag risky behavior immediately, such as an engineer starting to copy project trees that he is not submitting code to or is a known inactive project. Because this analysis is happening in real-time, you can set rules to stop the transaction and instantly revoke access, thus actually eliminating the threat.