IC Manage Dean Drako on IP & Design Data Management Metrics

Below is a collection of articles on Deepchip.com written by Dean Drako, IC Manage’s President and CEO. According to Drako: “If I had to characterize this year’s 2014 main report finding, it is that design and IP management has gone well beyond only one system at one site. In fact 82% of companies now have multiple design sites… For the entire system to work, companies will need to:

Have a global design view, while making
local AND remote sites EQUALLY efficient”

Drako shares 2014 survey data, requirements for global projects, and 15 features and gotchas to consider when comparing IP and Design Data Management tools.


Item 1: SCOOP! Dean Drako’s design and IP management survey infographic
Item 2: Nitty-gritty details to that design and IP survey infographic
Item 3: What design and verification engineers want on global projects
Item 4: 15 gotchas found in Design and IP data management tools (part I)
Item 5: 15 gotchas found in Design and IP data management tools (part II)
Item 6: Dean Drako on IC Manage, Subversion, DesignSync, ClioSoft, CVS