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GDP SmartEdge for 10X faster Remote Site Performance

GDP SmartEdge delivers 10X faster remote site performance and scalability. The technology enhances IC Manage’s strong support for globally-distributed design teams and continuous integration to reduce development time.

To accelerate delivery of quality products, globally-distributed design and verification teams are utilizing continuous integration. As part of this practice, it is vital to keep the development teams at the remote sites up-to-date with the latest design changes. However, performance delays caused by network latency and bandwidth limits to the remote sites can affect agility of the teams to respond, especially given the large data sets associated with leading edge designs. Such delays cost businesses valuable time and money.

IC Manage GDP SmartEdge increases GDP’s performance for remote design teams by another 10X, making GDP at least 50 times faster than competitive systems.

IC Manage GDP SmartEdge Benchmark

Below is a benchmark of GDP performance improvements with SmartEdge. The actual improvement can vary depending on usage, network latency and network load.

GDP SmartEdge Computing Key Features and Advantages

IC Manage GDP SmartEdge Computing involves a new distributed architecture which allows most of the version management to be done at the remote site, even if the main server is down. User’s workspaces are tracked “at the edge”, or local sites, rather than pushing that meta-data back up to the central server. GDP SmartEdge:

Delivers 10X performance improvement for remote designers

Remote users get an order of magnitude performance improvement in completing design management tasks such as syncing to the latest version, editing a file, reverting a change, and integrating changes back into the main design. This time reduction also helps avoid conflicts when exclusive edits are required. Designers can now integrate their changes much faster, and the team can launch quality products faster.

Adds to PeerCache speed-up

GDP SmartEdge adds to IC Manage GDP’s existing 5-10X faster speed advantage over competitive systems. Even higher performance can be achieved through IC Manage Views workspace acceleration technology.

Greater number of designers supported on existing infrastructure

Scalability increases dramatically and additional growth is better accommodated due to the distributed nature of edge computing. GDP Smart Edge reduces the designer workspace metadata transmission to GDP central server, thus reducing WAN and the main server load by as much as 98%.

Design changes managed automatically

As designers at remote site sync updated files to their local “edge” server, IC Manage GDP ensures the updated files are also submitted to the shared GDP central server and other remote servers on the network. This means everyone working on the same files will be able to sync up to the latest version regardless of where they are located.

Uninterrupted Design Management

Designers at remote sites can continue to operate most of their version management tasks even if their central server is down. For example, users will still be able to sync to latest file versions and still open files for edit. If one remote site goes down, it only that site is impacted, while the rest continue to operate normally.