Decision support dashboard with real-time analysis of verification results and coverage for complex SoC
Real-time decision making requires real-time data
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Consume Massive Amounts of Data and Render in Real-time

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Process 4,000 jobs per minute with average latency < 10 ms
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Browser console tracks results at any level of granularity 250k+ jobs/hour
Root Cause Graphic
Can tie failures to design changes for root cause analysis

Priority Management

  • Complete, accurate and up to date verification data enables better management of priorities and human and compute resources

Reduces Time to Failure Isolation

  • Ties verification failures to design or test changes to quickly find root cause

Millions of Jobs Per Day

  • Scalable and resilient platform that handles 250k jobs per hour and tolerates global WAN latency and connection issues

Customers that Use Envision

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Instant Hybrid Cloud for High Performance Applications
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The semiconductor industry’s highest performance & scalable design platform
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Real time SoC verification and coverage analysis