Design Community Ranks IC Manage Holodeck #3 “Best of 2016” Electronic Design Automation Tools

CAMPBELL, Calif., December 30, 2016 — IC Manage, Inc., a leader in global design management and IP reuse, today announced that its IC Manage Holodeck peer-to-peer parallel workflows product tied for “the #3 best tool” in the DeepChip’s Best of 2016 Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Report, where hundreds of users reviewed their top EDA products.

IC Manage Holodeck was selected because it gives engineers massively parallel workflows by accelerating file transfers of multi-terabyte project data for both managed and generated files. Holodeck solves development teams’ data volume problem by utilizing their compute farm nodes as peer-to-peer caches.

The 100% software product offers:

  • Multi-terabyte project data copies in minutes
  • Drastically reduced filer storage
  • Acceleration of NetApp, Isilon, and VMware
  • Speed up of all design management systems

According to one designer, “…Holodeck can speed up our systems and reduce the load on the filer servers. It keeps engineers from waiting for copies and for other engineers to be done. Plus, we get the speed up without having to upgrade our servers. Holodeck accelerates NetApp, Isilon, VMware… The fact that it is all software is also plus as we expect this will reduce our costs.”

Another designer commented: “When doing design verification, we do lots of simulations on one design, and may run 1000’s of SystemVerilog simulations… Holodeck would let us share files faster — we could get the data quicker from a peer-to-peer network, versus everything hitting our NFS filer at once.”

DeepChip was founded in 1991, original called ESNUG. The Best of 2016 EDA tools is an annual survey where hundreds of users review their top EDA products.

“For general EDA tool use, true parallelization was invented (or should I say re-invented) this year when the ever-busy R&D guys at IC Manage came up with Holodeck, a tool that does peer-to-peer data transfers/updates in fully parallel workflows of both source and generated project data, said John Cooley, DeepChip’s moderator. “In the old days, populating your 1 terabyte of design into your workspace readily took 2-3 hours.  With Holodeck, 1 terabyte takes less than 60 seconds. As for capacity, it benchmarked populating 10 terabytes in 10 minutes.”

“It is an honor to get top ranking from the engineer community in the DeepChip Best of 2016 EDA tools list,” said Dean Drako, president and CEO, IC Manage. “IC Manage is excited to enable our Holodeck customers to dramatically accelerate their entire design delivery by combining peer-to-peer networking and virtual workspaces to achieve true parallel workflows.”

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About IC Manage

IC Manage provides high performance design data and IP management solutions for companies to efficiently complete designs across their global enterprises. Design teams using IC Manage improve product quality, designer productivity, and global collaboration, while maximizing their IP reuse. IC Manage customers include Altera, AMD, Broadcom, Cypress, Fairchild, Juniper, Maxim, MaxLinear, MediaTek, Northrop, NVIDIA, Rambus, Rockwell, Samsung, Xilinx and other top semiconductor and systems companies. IC Manage is headquartered at 2105 South Bascom Ave., Suite 120, Campbell, CA. For more information visit us at