IC Manage CEO Dean Drako to Speak at SEMICON Japan on Globally Competitive Companies

When/Where: Friday, December 14, 2018 at 10:50 am, at SEMICON Japan, TechSTAGE NORTH, East Hall 5

Who/What: IC Manage CEO Dean Drako will present: “5 Design & IP Management Best Practices of Globally Competitive Companies”

Presentation Abstract: As system and semiconductor companies seek to be globally competitive, it is critical for them to have a strong global design infrastructure. A few years ago, a global survey found that 8 in 10 chip design companies did their design and verification at multiple locations. It’s common for design projects to “follow the sun”, passing the work around the globe.

The two top demands for making global design management work were 1) Global Visibility and 2) IP Reuse. More recently, an equally important factor is the widespread adoption of Git for source code control due to the increasing digital and software content needed for designs. For companies to support and manage the diverging technical needs of their digital, analog and software teams, they must integrate with Git. Dean Drako, IC Manage’s CEO, will look at these trends and identify five best practices to be a truly competitive global design company.