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IC Manage Big Data Labs

Rapid Development of Big Data-based Software Solutions

IC Manage will utilize its big data for semiconductor design technology and expertise to closely collaborate with you to rapidly develop new software products. Through its Big Data Labs, IC Manage will:

  • Remove the high overhead associated with the time- and resource-intensive data acquisition needs for the massive amounts of log and design data across your entire EDA design and verification tool flow.
  • Enable critical connections currently missing between your silos of data across tools and vendors.
  • Apply industry & technology expertise – and resources to efficiently derive actionable insights, and to ensure top-level management views are linked to implementation details.

We will collaborate with you to identify key problems, converge on the best big data-based solution, and then develop the product. IC Manage Labs takes the product delivery a step further: It’s big-data technology includes web-based API access for your company to customize the product by creating unique metrics, targets and tailored  interfaces.

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IC Manage’s advanced big data platform accelerates delivery

IC Manage’s underlying big data platform has the unique ability to interconnect unstructured verification data with structured design data in a hybrid database. If there is a flag or concern in the results you are targeting, we can place identifiers to link those problems areas to related design activity or changes.

Fast NoSQL data access is 100x faster than file analysis and at least 10x faster than traditional SQL backends. The access speed is extremely critical with tool data growing exponentially.

We can work with you on solutions that access relevant log data from multiple EDA vendor verification tools, without the need to maintain custom integrations.

Product Collaboration from  IC Manage Big Data Labs

First New Product from Big Data Labs:
IC Manage Envision Verification Analytics

Sample visual analytics & interactive reports:
Envision Design Progress Analytics