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IC Manage’s Best of DAC 2018

DAC 2018 was our biggest and most exciting DAC ever. We had two booths,  participated in two standing-room-only events.
We also demonstrated three new products: Holodeck for Hybrid Cloud Bursting, GDP XL-Git design & IP management, and Envision Verification Analytics.
The sports car we showed at our booth this year was  a McLaren P1 GTR.

The Buzz: #1 on DeepChip Must See

Dean on Cooley TroubleMaker Panel

Conversations, Demos, Car @ Booth

Shiv & Dean: Hybrid Cloud Bursting

New:  Holodeck, GDP XL-Git, Envision


IC Manage on Both DAC Must-See Lists

IC Manage made it to John Cooley’s #1 must-see at DAC. We were in good company, with Cadence, Mentor & Synopsys also ranked #1.
Laurie Balch & Pedestal Research has taken over Gary Smith EDA services and the annual What to See at DAC list. IC Manage also made it to Laurie’s short list of 15 must-see companies.


CEO Dean Drako on Cooley’s TroubleMaker Panel

Once again, Dean fielded edgy questions from John Cooley, sharing the hot seat with Joe Costello (Montana), Anirudh Devgan (Cadence), Joe Sawicki (Mentor-Siemens) and Mo Faisal (Movellus).  John Cooley’s questions included EDA in the cloud and Big Data.
Watch the “Unofficial Movie Trailer” (2 min)


The Booth: Conversations, Demos & the Sports Car

We always look forward to connecting and exchanging information with  our current customers and new companies every year at DAC.
Our tradition is to also have an amazing sports car to share. This year we had a McLaren P1 GTR.


Shiv & Dean Present On-demand Hybrid Cloud Bursting without Retooling

IC Manage founders Dean Drako and Shiv Sikand presented at DAC’s new Infrastructure Alley.
First, Dean covered the promises and challenge of achieving high-performance elastic compute through hybrid cloud bursting.
Next, Shiv covered how to use  IC Manage Holodeck to  extend  existing infrastructures to run in the cloud, while simultaneously reducing costs by minimizing storage and data transfer volumes.
Hybrid Cloud Bursting Videos & Transcripts


Three New Product Demos

This DAC we showcased three new products and technologies:
 – Holodeck for Hybrid Cloud Bursting, allowing teams to automatically run their jobs in the cloud without retooling.
 – GDP XL-Git, with hybrid version control with a Git API.
 – Envision Verification Analytics, which uses big data analytics to deliver near real-time time verification progress analytics for coverage, debug and regressions.